Homemade Strawberry Nutella Crepes

I made some vanilla crepes last Sunday.  I’ve always wanted to make strawberry and nutella crepes but I’ve always been too scared of messing up the batter.  These turned out perfect and lasted for only a few minutes.  :}

Pretty, yes?

The recipe is from my all time favorite cooking blog, ‘Closet Cooking.’  If you want to make it for someone special, check out the recipe here.  I added a touch of vanilla extract to the batter because the vanilla makes it smell SO damn good.  Too bad I was out of heavy cream or else I woulda whipped up some.

It is insanely quick and easy and it would be wonderful as a romantic breakfast in bed.  *Wink wink*

Quick tip:
Use an egg slicer to slice your strawberries into thin, even slices.  Easy!

J claims I’m trying to make him fat.  I’m not  The batter has no added sugar!  Hehe.