Keeping track of my money

This is a month-to-month spreadsheet from Microsoft templates that I started using last year.  I uploaded this onto Google Documents so I can access it wherever I have internet.  It takes a lot of patience to update this, so I’ve developed a system to keep track of it.

I use and yodlee as well, but I like having my own spreadsheet when dealing with cash transactions.

For little things paid with cash, snacks or restaurant tips, I try to write it down in a little note pad in my purse.

For things that I pay with my card, I keep all receipts and I put them in a cute little box on my dresser.  Every week or so, I will tally up all of my receipts and notes and add them onto this spreadsheet.

I’ve also added automatic pie charts of spending for each month, and a line graph of where I’m at month-to-month (extra cash left over, savings, total expenses, etc.)

How do you keep track of your spending?

*EDIT*  1.23.10

I now use exclusively for day-to-day transactions, and yodlee for checking how my net worth is doing over time.  I’ve tried to minimize cash spending to my best ability and not having to punch in numbers in a spreadsheet everyday means more time for me and my loved ones!

*EDIT*  5.7.10 now offers tracking for cash spending, although it is a completely manual process.  You still have to record your cash spending offline, but you can input a new transaction and classify it as “cash.”  Yippee!!