Lunasol Lighting for Eyes Palettes

I’m really itching to buy something from the Japanese makeup line, Lunasol.  Mihoko’s family has a great website chock full of great Asian makeup and skincare and I’m tempted to add one of these eye palettes to my shopping cart!  (Orders over $35 get free shipping!!) I currently have 2 Kanebo Kate Glamtrick Eyeshadows and I want to expand my current eyeshadow collection, as I use them everyday.  I got my Kate palettes for $20 to $25… Lunasol is fairly expensive with the Lighting for Eyes palettes for $45 at Mihoko’s!  Wow.

But after reading and watching Fuzkittie’s posts and tutorials about it, I’m SO tempted!!!  My favorite Kate Glamtrick palette (BR-1) is quite warm toned but I’m looking into finding cool-toned neutrals.

I’m debating whether I should get the 05 Khaki or the 04 Neutral.  Or maybe even nothing at all if I can find a suitable alternative.  Hmm!!

Check out Fuzkittie’s gorgeous tutorial.  I’m such a big fan!!!