Casa Photos

I love decorating my bedroom.

The black and white print tapestry is from UO, and the Keep Calm print  is from  I adore the print and I don’t care if 99% of design bloggers hate it!

My sour sour sour print I got (I admit this was a super impulse buy) at UO is now residing on my wall:

My XXS print from Etsy.  The Gocco prints are gorgeous and bright.  I decided to put the tiny print in a bold, ornate frame.  I’d like to get a more urban feel in the apartment but still retain a bit of glamour.

A little while ago I stopped by Goodwill while doing some errands and found this cool ceramic Umbra tray for my candles.  Insanely cheap and like new.  A nice find for only $6.  I’m getting a little too crazy with candles lately but I love the look… They smell so good and its nice to light them after a long day at work.

This is my little darling Buddy, an 8 year old Yorkie.  I got him at a shelter about a year ago.  Apparently his previous owners neglected him, and all of his teeth rotted except for one.  He also has some black sharpie markings on his stomach from who knows where.   Because of his lack of teeth, his huge tongue sticks out on the left side.

Have a good weekend.