Wearing Yesterday 6.28.09

Spent the majority of my Sunday house hunting!  It was my first time checking out open houses; I had originally planned to visit just one but there were so many OH signs on the way home that we visited a whopping 8 open houses!

It didn’t help that it was sweltering HOT but I’m glad I went.  The hot weather inspired me to wear some gold toned jewelry.  I put my hair in a casual low pony with my bangs and long side strands framing my face.

I will start seriously househunting in the Fall but for now it’s just to figure out what I like and don’t like in a home.  Even though it’s a ‘buyers market’ I still feel that homes in California are outrageously expensive.  This is probably the reason why HGTV never features homes in CA.  I get depressed when huge houses in the midwest and the south are around $200,000.  😛

I painted my nails in a hot pink gradient with sparkles.  My guy thinks nail art is very weird and ugly but I told him that he has absolutely NO say in the appearance of my nails.  Haha!

  • Arden B white tube
  • Forever 21 grey shorts with iridescent flecks
  • Forever 21 Tortoise wayfarers
  • Classified Gladiator flats
  • Forever 21 gold pendant
  • Men’s straw hat
  • Coach gold zebra bangle

Stay cool.