Mono Monokini

I think the first time I saw a monokini was on this GQ cover.  I’m not a huge fan of Jessica Alba.  She’s alright.  Cute face.  But I swooned over the monokini she had on.  I’m sure her summer tan and sculpted abs didn’t help either.

Soon after I wandered over to my nearest Target to check out the spread. I found a black bandeau monokini by Xhilaration that made me feel incredibly stylish and sexy!  I wasn’t too keen on paying the full price though, so I decided to wait.

I lusted after that monokini for an entire year.   I even set up a web shopping alert to snag it when it finally went on sale.  In the end, it sold out.  It seemed I was too stubborn for my own good.

Fast foward to today.  I drove over to my favorite thrift shop (my local ‘Target discount store’) and lo and behold!

The thrifting gods answered my prayers!

Price:  $6 with original tag

(Cue the choir of angels)

Xhilaration Bandeau Monokini in Black – originally $29.99 at Target (disregard the unflattering stock photo)