I Can’t Live Without: My Case Logic Trunk Totes

Small Automotive Tote, Bella Collection – $12.59 (sold out at Case Logic)

Large Automotive Tote, Bella Collection – (also sold out at Case Logic)

Product Features (from the Case Logic website)

  • A hassle free way to transport and store your belongings
  • Eliminates clutter, keeping your car clean and organized
  • Carrying handles allow for easy transport in and out of vehicle
  • Sturdy tote is reinforced to stand up on its own, yet easily collapses for storage when empty
  • Removable plastic bottom and easy wipe interior make cleanups a snap
  • Exterior pockets store smaller items
  • Colored internal lining allows you to actually see what’s inside

I saw a set of 3 of these little babies for $29.99 at Costco about a year ago.   Two blue small totes, and one large green tote.   Aren’t they gorgeous?!

The outside canvas is brown with 6 (yes, SIX) large pockets for putting a grocery list, keys, phone, what have you.  The inside a beautiful blue or green color with matching thread stitching.  And the best part is, the totes can compartmentalize into 2 sections (3 for the large green tote)~!!!

I absolutely cannot grocery shop without them.  (And general shopping as well)  I am literally a 5 minute walk away from the nearest grocery store and I use these babies instead of the gross dirt-ridden shopping baskets!  Yuck!  The totes are wide enough to give the impression that I’m not stealing groceries.  ; )

The cashiers and baggers at my local grocer see these totes so often that they know the drill;  no plastic bags for me.  :)  I put one small tote in my apartment in case I need to bring a few things down to the car.  The remaining 2 totes remain in my trunk.

I think this was my absolute #1 purchase last year.  Unfortunately I can’t find them anywhere now, or else I’d recommend them to everyone I know!

Eco-friendly and beautifully designed?


– E&I