Let’s move to Sweden!

This is one of many Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör properties in Sweden.   I saw a post about another condo on decor8 (one of my absolute favorite design blogs), and I had to check ot more!

The entire space is only 667 square feet!!!!  The best part about this city condo is the gorgeous view.

So breathtaking, no?  It’s a shame I haven’t traveled to Europe yet.

I’m thinking I’ll have to keep this balcony setup in mind for my future residence.  I’m loving every detail.

I’d love to wake up to this every morning.

Notice that every wall is white, as is most of the furniture.  Before I became interested in decor I associated the color white with cheapness.  White walls, chairs, and furnishings meant I’m-a-college-student-and-I-can’t-afford-color.  But inspirational photos like this have really made me change my mind.

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