My Condo/Townhouse Wishlist

It seems like the more I house-hunt online, the more depressed I become.  Even though the housing market is down, prices in my area still seem so expensive!

Luckily my dad is a realtor and he’s helping to educate me about what I should look for.

Dad’s realtor criteria that I’m going to try to follow:

  • Located in an area with good schools  (the top criteria)
  • 2 bed, 2 bath (much easier to sell in the long run)

On top of this, here’s my own personal criteria:

  • Walk-in closet for the master (I’m very spoiled in my current apartment)
  • Lots of light!
  • Open, updated kitchen with lots of counter space
  • A gas stove (I hate electric!)
  • A washer and dryer inside the unit
  • Adequate storage
  • 2 car garage (negotiable)

I won’t be meeting up with a lender anytime soon so it’s difficult to estimate my loan amount right now.

If I had my way, the housing market would stay down until I finally get a place!!!  Haha.