De-Cluttering Tips

Clutter is an ongoing battle for me.

I grew up with a lot of STUFF!  I’d love to pare down my things and live minimally but it seems impossible.   What can I say?  I love having options.  But the downside of having too much stuff is the lack of storage and a sad, messy, living space.

Why I battle with clutter:  I consider myself to be  a handy sort of person.  Unfortunately, to be prepared you have to have the right set of tools.   In college I brought the most clothes, shoes, and purses out of all of my roommates.  I only use about 20% of my makeup stash on a day-to-day basis, and it’s hard to justify tossing half-used bottles of lotion.  Again, I love the idea of having options.

Growing up with too much stuff: My mother is a moderate packrat due to her poor upbringing.  She likes to keep ketchup packets from fast food takeout, shopping bags, and paper napkins.  My father likes a minimalist home but he never has the time to clean things out.  I think the environment you were raised in really does affect your organizational skills as an adult.

Here are a few de-cluttering tips I’ve found over the years, from various sources.  I try to follow these as much as humanly possible.  Living with my SO,  a dog and all of their stuff makes it a little harder, but I do love having a de-cluttered space!  (Even if it doesn’t last very long.  Haha.)

  • In the shower, have a maximum of 2 toiletries per type.  2 shampoos, 2 conditoners, 2 body washes, etc.
  • Every item should have a ‘home’
  • If you have the space, hang your clothes instead of folding them.  I find a drawer of folded clothes ALWAYS becomes messy if you dig for something.
  • Use a pretty tray or bowl for your keys in your entryway
  • Organize clothes by type, then color.  It makes creating outfits a breeze!  (See the above image for inspiration)
  • Sort through your closet after you purchase something new.  Throw out/sell/donate something you don’t wear anymore to make room for your new item
  • Have a set number of hangers.  If you’ve run out of hangers, edit your wardrobe!
  • Put things away where they were so you’re less prone to losing it

And the best tip of them all:

Use what you have.  If you can still make it work, don’t buy a new one

EDIT:  Oooh.  I found a great tip in regards to paring down:

Remember that you are not so much getting rid of stuff as making room to live.  –Via Unclutterer