Travel Outfit Inspiration

Nina over at Femme Rationale has a glorious post for fashionable travelers:  what to wear, what to bring in your carry-on, and how to look amazing when you land at your final destination!

Image source:  Come fly with me lets fly lets fly away @ Femme Rationale

This excerpt really caught my eye:

I never travel without a maxi dress on. Not only is it super comfortable, but it also keeps your modesty in tact when you’re fidgeting in your seat. It’s also loose which helps your circulation in the plane.

I was so inspired by her post, that in prep for my flight to Las Vegas in August, I bought my first maxi dress! (Yes, yes, a black maxi dress.  I have way too much black in my closet but I just can’t seem to get enough of it!)

I always thought I’d look much too short in a maxi dress, but after wearing it with a chic pair of gladiator sandals I must say that it looks quite nice!

Check out Nina’s post for more great tips!

– E&I