This post is inspired by Chez Larsson!


Outside my window… Evergreen trees swaying in the wind.  Luckily I have a huge window in front of my cubicle!

I am thinking… I’m doing pretty good with my budget this month!

I am thankful for… My wonderful SO, Buddy’s affection, and my health.

I am wearing… A navy blue boyfriend v-neck tee and Hudson jeans from Ebay.

I am creating… A raspberry mousse cake for my Etsy shop.  It’s slow-going though.  I’m too tired to create lately.

I am going… to meet up with friends tonight (I hope).  They’re out of town-ers, one from New York and one from London.

I’m reading… nothing right now.  I’m still waiting on my first issue of InStyle magazine… I got a 2-year subscription for $26!

I am hoping… I hope today will be a stress-free workday, just like yesterday.  Today’s workload seems very light, but you never know, really.

I am hearing The gentle hum of the A/C and mouse clickings.

One of my favorite things… A cup of iced/hot hazelnut cappuccino in the morning.  I hope I don’t get addicted!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Tidy up my walk-in closet, visit the farmers market for more fruits, and finally bake some tri-berry muffins.