Forever 21 Multi Tiered Dress

I love trying on new trends just to see how they’d look on me.

Forever 21 stores are perfect for this.  As long as you don’t go crazy and spend your hard-earned money on everything you try on, I find it a harmless and a relatively educational experience!  Anyway, I saw this dress in the Twelve By Twelve section:

The gradient of the purple and lavender tiers is gorgeous.   It immediately reminded me of my absolute favorite Disney Silly Symphonies cartoon, The Cookie Carnival, a classic Cinderella story:

The colors may not be the same, and the candy hearts are missing, but it’s nearly the same effect!  But alas, the fit is terrible.  (For me, anyway)  As I have a small frame, the heavy grey shell had a boxy fit.  Drats.  If this were just a skirt I’d be ALL OVER IT!  Its so fun and girly and perfect for my upcoming birthday!

Sigh.  Great in theory, not so great in execution.  But who knows!  Try it out, it may be perfect for you.

I’ll leave you with the full length Cookie Carnival video:  it has fashion, love, a couple beauty contests, everything you could ever wish for.  Haha!  Enjoy!