July 2009 Budget Recap

July is finally over!  I’m taking nearly 2 weeks off of work in August for my upcoming Vegas birthday trip so I’m crazy excited.

Anyway here is the damage for July:

Blown Budgets:

1.  Clothing

JUL 6 Crossroads Clothing –$48.07

I spent nearly half of my budget on a pair of Uth 8ighty grey jeans, a Beautiful People lightning shirt, and a Silence and Noise Chiffon vest. (pics here)

2.   Toiletries/Cosmetics

JUL 7 The Face Shop Toiletries/Cosme… –$34.96

I spent nearly 100% of my budget on my The Face Shop ‘The Face’ BB cream. (review here)

3.  Food

$102.25 dining out cash + $108 credit/debit= $210.25. I’m overbudget by $10.25.  Bleh.  I must watch my spending during future summer festivals!

3.  Gas

$95… I’ll let this slide.  $5 overbudget for gas isn’t so bad.

Cash expenses for this month:

  • $28 – DMV Drivers License renewal
  • $30 – Korean BBQ Lunch Buffet
  • $10 – Mongolian BBQ Lunch
  • $15 – Food, beer at festival
  • $20 – Festival games with fam
  • $27.25 – Farmers market!
  • $20 – Another festival, more food

Cash Total:  $102.25 for food, $28 in misc, $20 for entertainment

Overall budget:

$466.25 out of $500 for the allotted categories.  I’m not including household items, rent, etc. because the spending for the above categories are the ones I can control more easily.

The Verdict?

Not too bad, I guess.  I did go over budget on a few things, but by less than $15 max.  I’m going to try to watch my clothing spending (very difficult) so I can get this number down lower.  Thankfully I didn’t spend much on shoes, accessories, or on decor.

Here’s hoping for August!  We’ll see how my budget fares after my birthday and Las Vegas trip.  Hehe.