Fashion/Makeup Blogs… and Money

A couple of my favorite personal finance bloggers have a fashion/makeup-related post every so often, which is great.  It shows that one can strike a balance between your ‘wants’ and what you can actually afford.

But I notice that bloggers that post mainly about fashion and/or makeup rarely mention the topic of personal finance.  (But not all.  There are a few exceptions.  A good example is Charade)

Why can’t we address both topics?  The glamourous world of fashion and cosmetics is inspirational and fun, but the financial aspects are usually left out of the picture.

My latest shopping haul‘ posts are always fun to ogle at.  But when a blogger is writing these types of posts on a semi-daily basis, does anyone stop to think about what’s going on behind-the-scenes?  Where is the money coming from? I’m talking about bloggers who have closets full of clothes they don’t wear, with the tags still on.  Or makeup bloggers with unopened boxes of fresh cosmetics they never use.  Basically, collecter-bloggers.

A few of my daily reads have this as a regular feature.  Some are obviously wealthy or have good paying jobs, so their haul blog posts aren’t too questionable.

But others are still students with part-time jobs with seemingly low pay.

My point is, I’m wondering why these bloggers don’t address their excessive spending habits?  For extreme shopping bloggers with high traffic, there’s always a gaggle of other bloggers who ooh and ahh via web comments; a general upsurge of approval for something that is financially unhealthy.  I find this is true for more than a few makeup blogs.   Constantly buying the newest and greatest goes hand in hand with that ugly four-letter-word:

DEBT.  Ugly. Consumer. Debt.

Does anyone else see something wrong with this? Just a thought.

Well, I’ll end this post with something good.   Here are a few of my favorite ‘hybrid’ posts that strike a nice balance between shopping and personal finance: