Patterson J. Kincaid ‘Paris’ Pocket Tee

Patterson?  Pattinson?  Who?

Patterson J. Kincaid ‘Paris’ Pocket Tee $48.00 $14.99 at Nordstrom Rack

When I picked up this tissue-thin tee at my local Nordstrom Rack, I immediately had visions of Alexander Wang.  A T-shirt so thin that the inside black garment tag is practically glaring through the thin fabric.  Check out this Alexander Wang Pocket T-Shirt below.  See what I mean?

This is my dream tee.   Forget that its a little big (a size medium was all I could find) and that it’s probably a little too delicate for my own liking.   But I absolutely adore the single slouchy pocket and loose fit.  And the soft Modal.  And the longer sleeve length.  And, and, and…

Alexander Wang may be out of my reach, but I’m very happy with Mr. Patterson’s version.  It’s just too bad the label is NOWHERE to be found on Ebay, or else maybe I’d buy another one in black.  I’m not even one to pay for a $50 tee, no matter how good it is.