Lunasol Lighting For Eyes & Ishizawa Urea + Hyaluronic Acid Creme

Yup, I’m still thinking about this palette!

Unfortunately, I’ve already reached $25 out of my $35 cosmetics/toiletries budget for the month of August.  And its not even the 5th yet!!!

What I spent it on:

Hyaluronic acid + Urea creme from Ishizawa Labs (Japanese site).  Check out the translation here.  I bought it at my local Mitsuwa market.

Non-greasy, super hydrating!  Turns dry, flaking skin into a soft, smooth complexion with urea and hyaluronic acid.  No artificial colors or perfumes, no mineral oil.

Urea draws the moisture in, hyaluronic acid prevents it from escaping.

The pink represents urea and the puffy white marshmallow guys are the hyaluronic acid.  Cute, no?

More details and a proper review later on when I’m not so sleepy!

We’ll see about the Lunasol palette.  I’m predicting I’ll buy it eventually ($45 with free shipping, possibly no tax either via  I may jump the gun, buy it this month and skimp in other areas of my budget, or just wait until September.

Since my 24th birthday is in a few days, I’m afraid that I might spoil myself, haha.  Time will tell!