Alexander McQueen for Target – Zig Zag Dress

While on lunch break I headed over to my favorite thrifting haunt and look at what I found on the racks:  (I literally GASPED; I must have looked so ridiculous!)

And guess how much it was.


And the size?  I frantically looked inside the dress and I saw…

A size 7.  Sigh.  Too big, didn’t buy it.  I don’t think this is the kind of dress you can take in easily.  Ah well.

I didn’t leave empty handed, though.  I did buy a black linen Mossimo romper for $6, but it needs a little DIY help.  I’m going to shorten the shorts and possibly sew in some cuffs, and fix the zipper.   The shorts are such a strange length!! Completely unflattering, especially since I’m petite.   At least it has a waist cord so I can have some semblance of a waist in it.

But, finally! A romper!  The Target stock photo doesn’t do it justice; actually it’s quite ugly here.

We’ll have to see how it looks.  I’m so excited for my new DIY project! Yeee!