Heading Home from Vegas

Heya lovelies!  I’m at the LV airport about to head home.


  • 4 days, 5 nights
  • 1 buffet lunch/dinner at the Wynn
  • 1 Cirque Du Soleil Show, LOVE at the Mirage
  • 3 nights of clubbing, 2 nights of rest
  • $500 spent overall (in cash at least)

Overall it was a fun but tiring trip!  I feel a little bit defeated by how much I spent, but then again I only go to Vegas maybe once every 2 years.  Oh well.  And I think this trip has brought me and my SO much closer, so I’m happy about that.

(And if anyone is thinking about going to Vegas any time soon, I highly recommend the LOVE or O Cirque shows.  They’re a little pricey but completely worth it!)