Chanel Caviar Tote vs. Chanel 2.55?

Chanel for Elle, please! :)


Which is the better bag?  I know the 2.55 is the most classic Chanel, but I find that I’d wear it only for special occasions.  Which are honestly very few and far between.  Caviar-style leather is my preferred leather, as lambskin doesn’t age as well and can get scratched easily.  I don’t trust myself when it comes to handbag care.

The Chanel tote is more of an everyday bag, and my cost-per-wear would be much less.  I think if I were to buy my first high designer bag, it would have to be a Chanel. Louis Vuitton is tempting, but, just like Coach, IMO the label is too over saturated.

Any thoughts?  Which bag is the better buy?