Couches vs. Chanel Purses

I have roughly 7 Ebay listings on watch at the moment, and all of them are Chanel caviar 2.55’s or totes.

  • Me:    Is a handbag for $1200 a good investment?
  • BF:     Heck no.  Wayy to expensive.  At least if you buy a computer you’re using it a lot.
  • Me:    Whatever.  You’re a boy you wouldn’t understand.  What if I force myself to use the bag more frequently?
  • BF:     Well as long as your cost-per-wear is like.. $1.
  • Me:    ….    Fine.  Maybe I should save that money for a nice couch instead.

My HG couch:  Room and Board Jasper couch!  ~$1,299.

Sigh.  Why are Chanel handbags so expensive.

You don’t need to pay for rent… just give it to me and look fahhbulous.