Review: St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set

I don’t quite remember where I originally discovered this product.  I think it was from a Singaporean blog, but I digress.

This product singlehandedly DESTROYS the once popular Biore pore strips!!! My SO is also addicted to this.  I bought this set on Ebay for nearly $40… imagine my rage when I saw the set on for a mere $20-something.  Argh!  But I don’t regret buying it at all!

EDIT: I don’t think mihokofamily sells this product any longer.  I’d try Ebay.

The St. Clare Sebum Treatment set originates from Taiwan and comes with 3 products.  (Images from

STEP 1 : Deep Sebum Softener 20ML

This clear, runny liquid is used to soften the dead skin cells around your black and white heads and to make the peeling process in step 2 easier.  Massage the product on the nose area for 2-3 min.  Rinse off.

STEP 2:  Sebum Purifying Mask 40ml

This mask has a strange, thick texture, that feels EXACTLY like Elmer’s glue! It literally sticks to excess sebum, black and white heads and deep cleans the nose area.  When your skin is still wet, apply a thin even layer (make sure you cannot see pores after application). Wait for 20-25 min until dry and then peel it off your nose.  Using tweezers helps a lot.  Peel slowly and carefully!  If you’re a normal, sebum-producing person you’ll find a ton of whiteheads and a multitude of empty pores on your skin.

STEP 3:   Pore Treatment Essence

This oil free essence helps minimize pore appearance and really tightens the pores.  The empty pores will visibly shrink in size.  Apply it after Step 2.

And the end result?  The proof is in the pudding!  Check it out, if you dare!

Gross, but VERY effective!  I do this once every week or so.

Also, Fuzkittie has written another comprehensive review for it here.

Rating:  4.5/5 stars   (0.5 stars off due to availability.  The price is COMPLETELY WORTH IT, trust me.)