Stores/Places that Tempt Me

Thrift Stores

I normally go at least once a week, but I need to kick this habit.  I used to be able to find awesome steals (Juicy Couture, J Crew, Burberry, Express, lots of Target Collabo merch) but nowadays when I do visit I come up with nothing.  I think this is a blessing in disguise!  The more encouragement to stay away, the better!  The only recent purchases while thrifting are a couple vintage belts and thats it.

Forever 21

I went twice to F21 this past week and I bought no clothing whatsoever.  I did buy another belt and a necklace, however.  Forever 21 accessories will always have a pull on me, as they’re cheaper alternatives to clothing when I want to update my look.  I’m more prone to buying pretty rings (a rhinestone bow, or a single flower) and necklaces than anything else.  I’m looking into getting some nice bangles or bracelets, but my wrists tend to be too small for the average bracelet!  Phooey.

When I was bored and jobless at home I’d hop over to my nearest F21 and try on the latest trends (from the subtle to the absolutely ridiculous) to see if they’d work on me.  I usually wouldn’t end up buying anything but it was a fun and educational experience!  Haha.


I frequently put items on ‘watch’ mode, so I guess I do a lot of my ‘window shopping’ here.  90% of the time I wait until the auctions end to get a good sense of the final prices, so I can compare them with retail prices.  Once a month or so I buy something from Ebay, but it’s normally under $30 max.  I usually buy more cosmetics and toiletries than clothes on Ebay.

Asian Bakeries

Whenever I stop by a bakery (moreso of the Korean or Japanese variety) I tend to get a snack for work.  My metabolism makes me want to snack a lot, so I love having a bit of bread with my tea while I’m working at the computer.  I’m not too big on sweets but I do love savory pastries!

What are your places of temptation?