Winding Down

With all of the hustle and bustle of August over with, I’ve been in hermit-mode since September’s inception!  No spending, nothing!  It also doesn’t help that work has been stressful and busy this week.

I haven’t bought anything fashion-related (yet).  I’ve only gone on errand runs for groceries, and I’ve been spending my free time crafting, playing logic and puzzle games on my Nintendo DS, and researching mutual funds.

When I get up in the morning to put on an outfit, I realize I have a HUGE amount of clothing!  I’m always trying to pare down but its always an uphill battle (Shouldn’t I be saving this for such-and-such occasion, etc.)

I’m not sure how long this zen-ish feeling will last, but it does feel nice.  But who knows, maybe I’ll get inspired by something shiny and new tomorrow!  I’m hoping it’ll last at least a week so I can keep my wallet nice and plump for a bit.  😉