Nude Heels

Elle has been a bad, bad girl.

Whilst at Nordstrom Rack (on the same day I saw those Gucci pumps) I saw this girl trying on this gorgeous pair of nude heels by Jessica Simpson (and yes, I was sneaky and stole a peak at the brand while she was trying them on!):

Firstly, I love bows.  Secondly, I’ve been searching for a pair of nude heels for the longest time. has a multitude of color categories to choose from, but absolutely none of them help.  This is what we have to choose from:  neutral, bone, natural, tan, beige, and khaki.  6 categories to sort through!  Terrible!

Anyway, I looked EVERYWHERE on the racks for another pair but there was nothing.  I was so incredibly sad when I left the store.   When I went home, I found a single pair, in my size on Ebay for $50 including shipping.  Was it a sign???  I thought about it for a few hours (with lots of hemming and hawing) and dreamed up what I could wear these shoes with (which is basically anything since nude shoes go with any kind of outfit).

So I bit the bullet and bought them!  Unfortunately my shopping budget is completely out the window for this month.  I’ve never bought so many shoes in so little time in my life.

$186 in total for 4 pairs of shoes. I’m feeling guilty, but at the same time, I’m glad I’m finally updating my shoe wardrobe.  I already have quite a few black flats, and quite a few black boots.   It was time for a change.