Lazy Footwear

I’m absolutely positive that my college lifestyle spoiled my shoe habits.

Going to school in Los Angeles means you can wear flip flops nearly every day of the week (once I was caught in the pouring rain with soaking wet Rainbows, ugh!).  I did do a lot of partying/clubbing during my school years, but mostly in comfortable high wedge sandals.  I owned a single pair of stilettos that saw the light of day maybe once a year or so.  I love dancing so uncomfortable shoes just don’t cut it when I’m out in the club!

I was, and still am, a true slave to (shoe) comfort! I do own a small collection of  fancier flats, but I still reach for my sandals on a day-to-day basis, especially when shopping and running errands.  Unfortunately, I’m a true petite shortie so my ‘lazy’ shoe-habits don’t help me much.

And to top it all off, my post-college job involves laboratory work!  That means bulky white Nike Shox, no feminine career shoes, not to mention heels of any kind!    So for those of you who work in normal work settings, don’t take it for granted!  I find it impossible to build a real professional career wardrobe around Nike Shox!

Sigh.  Enough of my work-wardrobe-ranting.

Anyway, I truly believe your shoes really make your outfit.  Actually, I base ALL outfit choices upon what type of shoes I’m wearing that day.

I’m just quite sad that my level of comfort has gotten to the point where I’m not even used to wearing my close-toed flats anymore.  (Loafers, elasticized, jelly, etc.)  And casual shoes almost always mean a casual outfit.   How sad!   I have terrible pain tolerance for shoes!!! My maximum “stiletto threshold” is probably only 30 minutes. Pah! I’d like to dress up more on my off-time since my career doesn’t allow it.

I hate getting painful blisters,  so my Rainbows or Havaianas are always my go-to shoe for everyday wear.  Sigh.

I really want to change that.  I can’t wear flip flops everyday, forever!  So I am currently trying to update & liven up my shoe wardrobe!

How do the high-heels-only girls do it?  (These types of girls amaze me.)  Should I swear off my flip flops for a while and just force myself to wear more stylish shoes, blisters or no blisters?