Konad Manicure 9.21.09

After the heart french-tip debacle (I realized I didn’t put on base coat! Silly me!), I whipped up a new design in my head and this is the result!

  • Konad m56 heart tips, m19 french tips, m57 fishnets
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Whirlwind White
  • Rimmel 399 Black satin

It took quite a while, but time sure does fly fast when you’re having fun!  Lately I’m inspired by bows and French romanticism so I wanted to make my konadicure girly and sexy.

I also ordered a pink Sally Hansen chrome polish for pink accents (hearts, bows, flowers and the like) on Ebay for $5 including shipping…

I’m just hoping this manicure will last at least …5 days or so.  I don’t want all of my effort to go to waste in only a couple of days!


I redid this mani in 2012!