Satin Crepe Blazer by Wilfred

When I visited my local Aritzia for the first time, I was instantly smitten.  I’m not into prints or logos and I love basics with a twist.  And Aritzia is just that.  Classic pieces with artful details and cuts!  I remember telling my BF that I could see myself wearing 99% of the store’s inventory…  And that in itself gets an A+ in my book!

I remember seeing this satin crepe blazer on mannequin a few weeks ago.  I don’t quite remember the price but I’m sure it was insanely expensive.  Sigh.  I ADORE the pockets.  Silky smooth, lightweight, and effortlessly chic!!

Agh!  ‘I DIE.’

Perhaps if I save up for a few months I will take the plunge!  I think this is a classic piece that isn’t likely to go out of style, but I’m wondering if others would agree.