Stepping On the Breaks (Budget-wise)

The BAD news: I’m roughly $150 over-budget with my spending (due to shoes and grocery shopping) so I’m holding off unnecessary shopping until the end of the month.

The GOOD news: I’ve maxed out my Roth IRA for this year in one fell swoop!

I still continue to lust over new shoes and the latest fall fashions but that will have to wait until next month!  :(  Oh well, more time for me to really think about what I want to spend my money on.  I’m forever looking for the perfect buttery leather handbag, much like this one from Linea Pelle: Dylan Medium Tote – $425

I saw a few bags at Saks and the texture is to DIE for.  A cream bag would be nice but I expect marks and denim color transfer. Boo!

On another note, I’m going on a cruise from Boston, to New York, to Canada for a couple weeks in October with my mom and aunts, so it’s another thing to look forward to.  I haven’t been on a cruise since I was in grade school!

Wish me luck on my week-long shopping hiatus! :)