A Year-Long Shopping Ban

Talk about willpower.  Check out the Kurz family:

This past year, from February 15, 2008 – February 15, 2009, my family has been on a shopping fast. The goal was simple. I wanted to shift our focus from “stuff” to each other. It all started when I became fed up with our fixation on materialism, and recruited my kids and husband to go on a shopping fast…

…For one year we purchased nothing but necessities like food and the kids’ school clothes. No luxury goods, no toys, no “stuff.” Objects. Things we could hold in our hands. We followed a strict set of rules, to see what changes we could make while shifting our focus from consumption to each other.  — From Triad Smarty Pants “Less is More

the rules included: 1) no purchases for one year, 2) back to school clothes for the girls were allowed, 3) gifts could only be books, giftcards, or homemade items, 4) purchasing make-up was allowed, and 5) any form of family entertainment was allowed – and encouraged.  — From Becoming Minimalist “Shopping Fast

Can you believe that??  But I must say that allowing the purchase of makeup is bending the rules a bit.  (Well, it would be for ME, anyway)  One can stray pretty far with frivolous cosmetic purchases so it would probably be for necessities only (foundation, concealer, mascara?).  And, at least they bought back-to-school clothes for their daughters.  New fall clothing was the best thing about going back to school!

Kudos to the Kurz family for being so disciplined!

I know in all honesty I could never in a million years pull off a self-imposed shopping ban for that long.  For me, life is too short to not enjoy the fruits of your labor.  😛