September 2009 Budget Update

Boo.  I was VERY bad this month.

Here is the damage for September:

Blown Budgets:

1.  Food & Dining (groceries and eating out, in total)

$81 overbudget.  As strange as this sounds… I cooked WAY too much at home! I went on a gourmet cooking binge and I did a lot of Japanese cooking this month.  Black cod with white miso (at least 3x this month), octopus and parsley salad with vinaigrette, creamed corn croquettes, Korean marinated kalbi short ribs (at least 3x this month), Japanese beef stew (hayashi raisu), raw tuna salad with soy-miso sauce!  Phew!  My local Japanese supermarket is a bit pricey so this is the result.  This month was a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot cooking-wise… I just need to know when to stop! Haha.

2.   Clothing

$2 overbudget.  Nothing to cry about!

3.   Shoes/Accessories

$133 overbudget!  I bought 4 pairs of shoes :(  (1 pair of Jessica Simpson nude bow heels, 1 pair of Melissa Dragon Lady Heart pumps, 1 pair of BCBG jeweled jelly flats, 1 pair of Melissa Zen Girl flats)  I still love all of them but man did this kill my accessory budget this month.  Oh well.  A shoe wardrobe update was way overdue, and I certainly paid the price for it.

Cash expenses for this month:

  • Not much at all!  I used my debit/credit for pretty much everything.

Overall budget:

$173 overbudget out of $500 for the allotted categories!  :(  Too much shoe and grocery shopping.  I still have the shoe bug and I’m still window shopping at Nordstrom Rack at least once a month.  But since I’ve spent so much money on shoes lately, my next shoe purchase has to be REALLY special.  I constantly tell myself that I have to be very picky with my fashion-related purchases.

Higher standards = slim pickings, which is good for my budget.

The Verdict?

September:  Fail!  Let’s try to keep it together for October, shall we? Haha.

Next months plans?

East Coast cruise (NYC, Boston, and Canada) with my mom and aunts for a week and a half!  So that means free food!  This will be very beneficial to my food budget.  Haha.