DIY: Sequined Beret

Sequins are everywhere this season!  I wanted to add some sparkle to my wardrobe but didn’t want to buy a completely new piece…. so I decided to DIY instead!

The beret before...

What you need:

  • Crochet beret
  • Sequins from your local craft store
  • Needle
  • Thread (to match the color of the beret)
Look to trim if you cant find the sequins you want

Look to trim if you can't find the sequins you want

I went to two craft stores today and I couldn’t find the color I wanted (black).  So I headed over to a fabric store and got one yard of sequin trim for $0.65!   Typically you can get an enormous bag of sequins for $2, but I didn’t need that much.  A yard of sequin trim has more than enough sequins to cover the beret.  You can use the extra sequins for another DIY project down the road.

First, thread your needle and make a large knot in your thread.  Thread the needle through the sequins, then back into the knit.  When sewing, anchor your thread in dense areas of the knit so your sequins are secure.

Keep sewing until you’re satisfied.  You can scatter them randomly, create designs, lines, bursts, or gradients!  You can even use different colors if you’d like.



You don’t have to stop at hats either… try embellishing your gloves or scarves.  Sequined shoulders on a sweater or top is also on trend lately.  Have fun!