Potential Japan Trip

I’m seriously contemplating a Japan trip for my sister and I for August 2010 to congratulate her on her college graduation.  15 nights, 2 of them on our own ($80/night per room), 13 of them with a small guided tour ($2380 per person).

TokyoNaganoMatsumotoTakayamaKanazawa |HiroshimaKurashikiKyotoYokohama!

The cheapest plane tickets I can find right now are 879 per person including taxes and fees.

Overall the trip will cost $6600+ since I want to pay for her.  That is an INSANE amount of money!  I know this trip is going to be worth it but the cost is just… mindblowing.


  • Firstly this will be a once in a lifetime trip for both me and my sister while we’re both young.  She’s going to dental school at the end of next year… and when she’s finally working perhaps I’ll be married or even have a family by then.  Who knows!
  • We’ll get to bond like never before!
  • She deserves this trip!  My sister works incredibly hard, she’s insanely smart and she needs a reward for her hard work.
  • She’s never been to Japan.  I’ve been there 2x and the last trip was in 2002.  I remember it like it was yesterday!  It was THAT GOOD.
  • She loves Japanese everything.  Enough said.
  • If I continue with my savings of $1000 per month for the next 9 months, I’ll be covered.
  • October ’09 and and April ’10 have 3 paychecks!  I’d definitely reserve those extra two paychecks for the trip.
  • Two words:  It’s Japan!!!!


  • Expensive.  CRAZY EXPENSIVE.
  • August is going to be HOT.  July was hot when I last went… All I wore were tanks and shorts!  August is going to be even worse.
  • The flights I found are non-refundable. :(

I’ve reserved the 2 extra nights already… I’m still in contact with my friend/guide from 2002 so I can reserve our tour spots quickly.

But the up-front flight costs always make me freeze.  Non-refundable!  Nearly ~$1700!  UGH.  And I don’t know whether to wait it out and see if fares drop, or just buy them now since I’m so ahead of schedule when it comes to planning.

Argh.  What to do!!!



Fares keep fluctuating!  I think I’ll wait and see what happens.  I’ll track the fares and see how low they can go for a month or so… And then I’ll try to make a decision.