Review: The All Nighter Styling Powder

I’ve subscribed to  Rachel Zoe’s daily email-newsletter and one of her emails caught my eye.  Apparently this powder has been getting a lot of media attention too!  I’ve been looking for a dry-shampoo/styling powder for a little while now and I decided to go for it.  I love the feeling of clean hair, but some mornings I don’t have enough time to get all of my errands done and wash my hair before work at 3PM.  Plus, washing your hair everyday removes the natural oils in your scalp which isn’t so great for your hair.  So $25 dollars later (after shipping and tax) I have a 1 oz bottle of The All Nighter Styling Powder!

I’m liking it so far.  It’s not a ‘OH WOW look at my hair’ type of result but my hair does look fresher.  I have pretty oily hair so I think I will only use this the day after I shampoo.  After 2 days without shampooing my hair is just … not pretty.  I tried using it on the 2nd day but it still didn’t look that great, even if I used a lot.

My hair type:  Dark brown-to-black, straight, oily


  • It comes in a large range of colors which is a plus.  Much better than just “blonde” and “brunette” for sure.
  • No noticeable smell!
  • Very fine milled
  • All natural ingredients
  • It doesn’t feel itchy at all on my scalp


  • The bottle is really small.  From all of the advertisements and the web images I was expecting this bottle to be a little bigger than a bottle of Motrin!  I wasn’t paying attention to the 1 OZ volume when I bought it so it’s probably my bad.
  • The powder can be a little messy.   I have white bathroom countertops and black hair, so I end up with little specs of black all over the bathroom counter.  Its easily cleaned up but kind of annoying.  But that’s what you get with any powder.

Star rating:  4 Stars

Here’s why:  You don’t get very much for the price, but then again you only use a tiny bit at a time.  It doesn’t make my hair as fresh as I thought, but we’ll have to see, since this is my first foray in to dry shampoo!