October 2009 Budget Recap

Even though I went on a cruise for 1.5 weeks, I still spent more than I thought I would.

Here is the damage for October:

Blown Budgets:

1.  Clothing

This top is my first designer clothing item!  I’m planning on taking it to my tailor to get the straps shortened, hopefully this weekend.  Pics will be posted soon!  I’m very excited about this find.  I found a picture on the internet but it really does not do it justice.

Cash expenses for this month:

  • $25 in cash for gas.
  • Roughly $30 in cash for misc. food

Overall budget:

$93 left of $500.


The Verdict?

Not great, but much better than last month, which was almost completely RED all around.  But this was still an expensive month.  I bought a pair of Dior prescription glasses that cost me around $200 out-of-pocket, and I took Buddy to the vet because he wasn’t feeling well.  The visit and bloodwork cost $230 total.  It hurts a little bit but he’s completely worth it.

These 2 expenses will set me back a little bit, but it won’t put me into debt.  It just means that I’m saving a little bit less than normal.

And….at least October results in 3 glorious paychecks!

Next months plans?

Hmm!  Nothing planned yet.  I’m starting up the search for my first piece of real estate so I’ll definitely try to keep my expenses low.  TRY is the key word.