My car was ‘burgled’

Last night when my BF was out downtown for a party with my car, the car was burglarized.  I twittered about it yesterday, saying I was glad I didn’t have the car for the night so I wouldn’t go thrifting… but obviously now I take it back.

Everything was hidden from plain view, and I didn’t have anything else in the car except for a hat.  No windows were broken, my stuff was thrown around everywhere, and they took the following:

  • $130 Magellan GPS (bought in May ’09)
  • $50 roadside emergency kit
  • $10 eco tote (wrote about how much I loved them here)

When my BF first told me I was completely shocked.  I just muttered, “oh well, could have been worse.”

But then I realized they took the emergency kit and the tote and I just started sobbing.  I don’t know what got into me but those 2 extra things really made me feel angry and violated.

I mean, COME ON.  Yes, I get the GPS.  That’s a given.  But my emergency kit??? I was just looking at it the other day and checking my flashlight batteries.

And my ECO BAG?? WTF kind of thief does that.  The sheer idea of it is just so incredibly STUPID.

I’m off to go get a new GPS today because I just don’t want to think about this anymore.