The color black!

For me, black is a refuge because it expresses what I want, with it, everything becomes simpler, more linear, more dramatic. — Yves St. Laurent

I’ve been wearing so much black lately!  But reading this quote by YSL makes me feel a little better.

A few recent DIY projects:  (both happen to be black!)

– I turned a thrifted lace bolero from F21 into a vest ($2)



– I found some rare Anna Sui for Target tulle and lace blouses while thrifting; because of a design flaw, all of the pieces had ripped seams from girls trying them on.  So I cut out the main lace embellishment and I’m currently sewing it onto an old black tee.

DIY End result:

And here are some recent purchase photos just for kicks!  And (surprise!) they all have at least a little bit of black in them!

I bought 3 pieces at the Bebe outlet today:

Bebe silk blouse for $15

Bebe striped top for $7.50 (I’ve been looking for a good striped top FOREVER)

Bebe fringed vest for $15.  I originally saw it during my Vegas trip when one of my friends was buying up a STORM (all thanks to her very unlucky boyfriend); I tried it on just for fun and I loved it!  Too bad it was full priced at $80.  I hate buying full price unless I’m at Forever 21 or Target.

Forever 21 lace crop top with sequin embellishment, $20.  I went to a grand re-opening today but they had already given out the free gift cards for the first 400 people.  Oh well.  The store isn’t as big as the San Francisco one but it’s about 80% of the size but on one single floor!  With nearly an entire wing reserved for menswear!  It was insane.  I felt like a kid in a candy store :)

I forgot to post this pic up earlier of my Marc by Marc Jacobs top that I bought a few weeks ago for less than $60.  I love the red-orange color (although the pic makes it look more orange than anything)

That’s it for now.   Closet/wardrobe pics will be up next!

— E&I