Whats in your closet?

I’ve seen quite a few blogger closet tours in the past year (StyleLikeU, wheredidugetthat) so I wanted to join in on the fun!

The view once you open the closet door

Voilà!  This is my closet.  I’ve rented 2 apartments so far and this closet trumps my college digs and my closet at my parent’s.  It’s a pretty large size walk-in… I take up 3/4 of the space while my SO ended up with a meager 1/4.  What can I say… I have a lot of clothes.   And I don’t even fill up the entire space.  It’s not the neatest space but it does the job.  Hopefully it will stay this way.  :)

I have a designated space for things I don’t want anymore, so I have a constant flux of incoming and outgoing items.  Once I have a sizable amount, I drive off to the nearest Goodwill to drop them off (and retrieve my donation receipt for taxes later on).

My boots and Melissas

There are some built in cubbies that store a few of my shoes (sorry for the blurry pics!) but I have more hanging shoe bags in the back right corner.

Hanging denim and pants (usually color coordinated but I messed it up that day)

I hate using drawers for anything other than socks or lingerie so I hang everything except delicate sweaters.  Putting away laundry and searching for an exact item that I want to wear is much easier that way.

T's, tops, and tanks

I like sorting by type and color, tanks first then tops.  OCD?  Maybe just a smidge.  But I rarely misplace an item this way.

Jackets and outerwear

I forgot to include dresses but then again I don’t have many at all.

A small fraction of handbags

My closet vice?  I don’t take great care of my handbags although I really should.  I’ve misplaced a lot of dustbags so mostly everything is out in the open.  :(  I really need to fix that.

That’s it for the closet mini-tour!

In related news I’ve spent $845.59 on clothing since March 19th 2009 (when I started tracking my spending on mint.com)  So if I take an average from then until now (8 months) that’s roughly $106/month.  I’m pleasantly surprised!  I really thought it would be more.  But I still would like to cut down on window shopping/mall walking because I should do better things with my money… like investing, saving up for my trip to Japan, and my future home.  It’s just so difficult though.  There are so many distractions along the way.