November 2009 Budget Recap

Here is the damage for November!

Blown Budgets:

1.  Food

  • I stocked up on a lot of food from warehouse stores this month… I feel like a squirrel hoarding for the winter!
  • Dining out:  Roughly $72 total, not too bad.

2.  Clothing  (Sigh.  I WENT CRAZY.)

  • $25 winter coat from H&M (Black Friday)
  • $40 Seven for all Mankind Dojo jeans from Macys (Black Friday)
  • $20 for 3 dresses + 1 vintage silk top from Goodwill
  • $31 striped top from Ebay
  • $30 for a whole MESS of clothing from Forever 21
  • $45 for a whole MESS of clothing from Bebe
  • $20 Helmut Lang cropped sweater from Loehmann’s
  • $40 for a whole MESS of clothing from Urban Outfitters
  • $10 blouse from H&M for work

3.  Shoes and Accessories (Sigh.  Not as crazy as my clothing spending, but.. still crazy.)

Overall budget:


The Verdict?

Terrible!  This month was chock full of binge shopping.  After my car got broken into I guess this was my way of dealing with it.  Sigh.  I really need more self control.  Haha.  I did get a cash gift of $100 from the parents, and I’ve made a lot of money from my shop this month, so I guess that helps but I’m not going to figure that into my spending.

The funny thing is though, is that my net worth increased by more than $6500.  (Most likely due to 401K and investments.)

BUT that is still no excuse for my crazy spending.  :(

Next months plans?

  • I’m definitely going to fill out an pre-qual application for my townhouse search in December.
  • Also I’ll have to get my wisdom teeth taken out pretty soon.  (Ouch.)
  • I spend SO MUCH MONEY on clothes that I’m going to take a breather in December.  I’m very glad Black Friday is over.  MUST. STOP.
  • I’m going to give my mom her new Kate Spade bag for Christmas! Can’t wait :)