Ramit’s Latest Money Diaries Post … she sounds like ME!!!

The Money Diaries: The 27-year-old product designer who tracks her finances a little TOO closely

  • she tracks her spending to the PENNY
  • she rents out her parking space for $250 per month
  • she empties out her checking account for the month and puts it into savings to make sure she doesn’t spend more than she earns
  • she shops when she’s bored
  • she buys a lot of groceries

Wow this San Franciscan really does sound a lot like me!  Except that I:

  • Earn extra income by way of my Etsy shop, on average of $200 a month or so
  • I track my spending to the penny as well, but through Mint.com and yodlee… I’m done with tracking via spreadsheet because it is too time consuming
  • I don’t empty out my account once the month is over.  I think that is a bit extreme.

Other than that, sounds about right.

It seems like her greatest vice is shopping when she’s bored, and that is definitely my biggest problem.  I don’t know… I feel like I’m saving and investing SO much already ($1000 savings in cash per month, 15% of paycheck pre-tax to 401K)  that a little extra retail therapy shouldn’t be too bad, right?

Am I just in denial?