Review: Imju Fiberwig Mascara

My first foray into the tube mascara/fiber mascara craze:  Imju Fiberwig!  My current HG mascara is L’oreal’s Voluminous waterproof mascara in black.  I tend to get a little smudgy under the outer corners of my eyes with Voluminous.  Also, Voluminous does give me a good amount of lash volume and a pretty good amount of length, even for a volumizing mascara.   But… after seeing a Ekilove’s post about Fiberwig and the Panasonic heated lash curler I ordered a tube from Ebay just to see if it would work for me!  :)

Brush head: When I first tried it out I found the formula to be a bit too ‘wet’ but now that I’ve used it for a week or so the consistency is much better.  Hopefully it won’t dry out too fast though.  It is pure black with tiny little fibers on the brush.  The brush head is pretty huge.  Maybe a little bit too big because it’s difficult to get to the inner and outer corners.


However, there is a Fiberwig mascara with a ‘sniper brush’ for the hard to reach areas:

I know they sell it on here for $15.  I find it a bit too pricey for something so small and having 2 Fiberwig mascaras for two different steps would be overkill for me.

Application: With Voluminous, I tend to coat, and coat… and coat some more until I get a desired look.  But with Fiberwig, I can’t keep constantly coating because the little fibers just get wiped away.

Then, I tried to dry in between coats but I ended up getting very clumped and spidery lashes.

I finally figured out what to do:

  1. Put on Voluminous as first coat to create separation and volume
  2. Then put on Fiberwig as a finishing mascara ASAP to lengthen the tips and coat under the outer corners so smudging is lessened


  • Very nice lengthening effect
  • Absolutely no smudging
  • Easy removal with warm water


  • Expensive (but I found it on Ebay for $11.99 including shipping)
  • Can clump a bit after multiple coats if used alone
  • Supposedly dries out quickly

Would I buy again?  Probably, if I can find it on Ebay for a good price again.

Star Rating:    4.5/5