Konadicure 12.20.09 and Rodarte for Target

I haven’t done a manicure in sooo long!

m19, m56, m57 using Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Whirlwind White, SH Xtreme Wear in Celeb city, SH Chrome Nail Makeup in Carnelian Chrome, Seche Vita topcoat

Its about time!  I’m finally done with sewing projects so my nails got a long awaited pick-me-up.   You can barely see it but I have a light silver fishnet base in the center of each nail. I did the entire manicure pretty quick so I’m surprised it turned out okay.

Oh oh!  I bought Seche Vite last week on Ebay and I must say that it is SO AMAZING!  I applied it without reading reviews on Makeupalley so I did get a little bit of tip shrinkage but that’s okay.  The manicure isn’t perfect anyway.  I love the ‘white lace’ on my cuticles though.  So girly!

And by the way, did anyone buy anything from the Rodarte for Target line?  I was at my local Target last night and the Rodarte was already out…..I bought the navy blue tulle long sleeve blouse as well as the coveted black tulle bow dress.  I woke up early today and checked the sales out of curiosity… at 7:30AM PST barely anything was sold out, and 3 hours later everything was gone!

My new Rodarte for Target dress! When am I ever going to wear this though! Haha.

Hope everyone bought what they wanted!  IMHO this is the best Target collabo to date.

And I CAN’T BELIEVE a medium size ribcage dress sold for $250 on Ebay!!!  Freaking ridiculous.