Miu Miu Patent Oxfords

A while ago I spotted these Miu Miu patent scrunchy oxfords (in black) at Nordstrom Rack and since I’ve been into oxfords lately I slipped them on.

Very Annie Hall, no?  Other names for them: brogues, jazz/dance shoes, and closely related to spectators.

Annie Hall (left) and Kate Moss (right)

The moment I put them on I felt they were very comfortable and definitely very fashion forward.  Then I put them back on the racks and said goodbye.  The $170 price tag most definitely put me off but playful experimentation is always a good thing in my book.  They’re currently sold out at Saks and originally retail for $450.

Fast forward a few months later and I couldn’t forget about them.  I searched the racks but I knew they were gone!  :(

Then lo and behold, a few days ago I found them again in the designer shoe section… with an additional 35% off.  They were $120 after tax and I’m getting a $20 gift certificate in the mail for spending over $100.

My boyfriend HATES THEM.   ‘Hates’ with a capital H.  He thinks they look too much like men’s shoes.  I think they are so incredible (I love the patent shine and the wingtip detail) but my feet look longer with them on and square-ish toe does bother me a little bit.  If the toe were a little more rounded or slightly pointed then they would be absolute perfection.

I’m not sure what to do!  I tried them on with over-the-knee black socks and a multitude of shorts and blazers and they do look cute with the right outfit.   I know I definitely have at least 4 outfits that work well with them.

Alexa Chung loves oxfords apparently and she does pull them off well:

More inspiration:


  • Gorgeous and supple patent leather
  • They’re Miu Miu!
  • Roughly 75% off from the original retail price
  • Very fashion forward and unique
  • Geared towards British and French street fashion, which I am IN LOVE WITH
  • They’re flat!!!  Flat soles means I’m able to wear them during the day.  I rarely wear heels.


  • Still a little bit expensive
  • I’m short!  May not look as good on me.
  • Toe is square-ish
  • As a result of the toe shape, it makes my feet look 3/4″ longer than they really are

Decisions, decisions!