December 2009 Budget Recap

Blown Budgets:

1.  Groceries

  • I’m only overbudget by $0.90 so there’s nothing to cry about here!

2.  Toiletries/Cosmetics

  • $8 mark Glossblossom lip gloss from Ebay
  • $50 worth of circle lenses from (2 pairs, one grey one brown)
  • $7 Seche Vite topcoat from Ebay
  • $2 falsies from Daiso

3.  Shoes and Accessories

  • $20 mustard infinity scarf from Ebay
  • $71 Orla Kiely stem print bag from
  • $27 lace up taupe booties from Forever 21
  • $30 Ben Sherman wayfareres from Loehmann’s
  • $10.50 black infinity scarf from the Icing
  • $120 Miu Miu oxfords from Nordstrom Rack

Overall budget:


The Verdict?

Bad, but not as bad as last month… November spending was overbudget by more than $300!  Terrible!  But I did make a good amount of money on my Etsy shop, as well as selling some clothes on Ebay.  I’m very happy I stayed under my $100 clothing budget this month since last month I went overboard.

Clothing spending (just for kicks):

  • $22 faux fur, cream mohair vest from Papaya
  • $38 grey sequined-shoulder sweater from H&M
  • $21 for an Odette bra, tribal print DEPT blouse, and a Diane Von Furstenberg zebra bikini set at Loehmann’s Clearance Center (great deal)
  • $12 summer maxi dress from Target

Next months plans?

  • Keep house searching!!!  A few more listings are popping up after Christmas so that’s great news for me.
  • Get back to work on my Etsy shop!  I’ve had a 2 week break and even though getting back to it is slow-going, I still like having extra income to mitigate extra spending.
  • Perhaps get back to the gym and eat healthier?  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions… I guess I make … ‘wishes.’ Haha.