Hitting my frugality stride

I have nothing shopping-related to blog about…..since I havn’t been shopping!!  At all!

The prospect of a new home and the financial aspects that go with it has really hit me… and inspired me to hold off on shopping.  Well, at least I’m trying. :)

My free time is now spent ‘window shopping’ for furnishings online and getting inspiration from my favorite decor blogs!  I’m still checking for new MLS listings every day and waiting to hear back from 2 offers that I put out.

I’m realizing that the two most important priorities in my life (as of now) are:

  • Having a comfortable little home
  • Traveling!

So I’m going to try to focus on this instead of shopping for other things.  There’s no doubt I will get tempted along the way (and possibly even fall off of the bandwagon) but I’m satisfied with my decision for now.