Apartment update

I have a little confession to make.

The short sale townhouse that I’m waiting on is (hopefully) chugging along and I will rent a studio apartment month-to-month until it finally pulls through.  Our negotiator supposedly has presented the short sale package to the investors, so of course there will be more waiting.

But the thing I never mentioned was, that I actually invited this apartment-mate of mine to live with me in said townhouse. I know, right?  What would possess me to do such a thing???

Well?  J____ has always been a cheapskate but I thought I could handle living with her again.  My parents desperately wanted her to move in with me simply because she 1) pays rent on time  2) has a job  3) is a “nice girl.”  Aside from her annoying penny-pinching ways and her disdain for household chores I thought it would be okay.  I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Then we had those stupid arguments about the utility bills and I called it quits.   It was an idiotic thing to fight about but we’ve always had a problem seeing eye-to-eye when it came to MONEY.   All of my pent up anger against her finally caught up with me.  I finally laid out all the cards on the table and told her everything that I had held back these past 2 years.  I didn’t explicitly say that she wasn’t coming to the house with me anymore, but I’m sure she gets the picture.

Well, it’s going to be my house and I can do what I want with it.

If I really wanted to be a huge bitch I would have said

You’re a cheap-ass and the most idiotic girl I’ve ever met. I’m tired of living with you and I’ve never liked you from the beginning.

Buuut I didn’t.

Happily I can report that the kitchen is a lot cleaner now than yesterday.   Hah!

Anyway onto the studio hunt.  As we’re waiting for the short sale contract I’m most likely going to lease in the same apartment complex as we’re in right now and just slowly move my things from one apartment to another.  We’ll save on moving costs but the bad thing is the 2 month lease (then subsequent month-to-month) is going to be insanely expensive.  It’ll almost be like paying mortgage already.  But I won’t have to deal with apartment-hunting, shady neighborhoods, and non-gated parking.  Convenience and safety = $$$$$$.

The studio apartment I viewed today was a meager 386 square feet.  I’m most likely going to be gunning for the 445 square foot apartment but naturally it will be more expensive.  The closet space is tiny so I would have to move 50% of my clothing in storage at my parent’s house for a while, which I don’t mind.  I just wonder how long the short sale is going to take.

And if the short sale falls apart, well then I’ll just renew my month-to-month lease as a 12-month deal and it’ll cut down my rent payments significantly.  Then its on to more house hunting the following year.

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