Still not spending!

April is slowly inching closer each day.  I check Craigslist a few minutes a day to see if new studio apartments pop up, but seems like I’ll still have to stick with my original plan (moving to a different apartment in the same apartment complex).

My apartment-mate and I are on completely different work schedules so its easy to avoid her.  Thank goodness, because I don’t want to deal with drama anymore.

I had quite a few goodies to donate/sell this weekend so I headed to Crossroads and Goodwill.  I left the apartment with 3 trashbags and came back with $42 in Crossroads store credit and a $100 donation receipt for 2010’s taxes!

Admittedly I did window shop but nothing was worth buying.  I did see a cute silvery gray, double layer tank at Crossroads but at $22 I wasn’t willing to fork over my store credit for it.

A short while ago I saw these Woodstock Minnetonka boots for $30 at Nordstrom Rack.  Pretty cute but perhaps a little too trendy with the fringe and the beads?  I’d like to find a good pair of comfortable walking shoes for Japan that aren’t flip flops or sneakers.  I do have a $20 Nordstrom note that expires late this summer, but I decided to wait on it.

Eh turns out the boots are gone now.  :(  Oh well.  Wasn’t meant to be I guess.  I did see these:

These Calf High Suede boots were also $30 and very comfortable… However they heavily taper from calf to ankle and make my legs look a bit too… stocky.   I’m not a fan of cone legs, thanks.