Slow moving

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’m still in the process of moving!

There is still 2 weeks before my 2 bedroom apartment lease ends so I’ve been slowly moving a few boxes per day to the new 1 bedroom apartment.  The new apartment is 500-something square feet.  It’s pretty cozy but I don’t need much space.   Its a walk-up with one short flight of stairs but wow… I realize now that an elevator is such a luxury.  Moving boxes up and down the stairs with moderately heavy boxes is very tiring especially when I’m moving without any help.

The bigger furniture will be hauled up with the help of my SO; we’re planning to be completely moved out by the 27th.  I can’t wait!

Clothing and shoe shopping are currently on hold because all I am thinking about lately are towel racks, dish drainers and organizational supplies!!!


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