My T’s, tops, and tanks (probably 60% shown here)

So as I am moving at a snail’s pace to the new apartment, I’ve come to the realization that I have an obscene amount of clothes.

About 40% of my daily blog reads encompass decor, home and general home organization; and the closet-makeover-before-and-after posts always pique my interest.  Interestingly enough, the amount of clothes shown never comes close to what I am currently hoarding.   I really thought I had done a good job of purging but I’m sadly mistaken.

Jackets and outerwear (And yes, I live in CALIFORNIA.  We don’t have snow and yet I still love me some heavy coats and jackets!  When will I learn?)

So far I’ve moved about 3 full car loads of clothes, shoes and accessories.  The shoes and accessories take up a good chunk.. but the CLOTHES.  THE CLOTHES!!!!  I am literally drowning in clothes!  Moving makes this very apparent.

Perhaps one day I will count exactly how many tees, tops, tanks, sweaters, jackets, coats I have of each and see how I stand.

But right now, it is just way too much.  I need to purge some more before my next move.