Little splurges

I’d like to think I’m doing pretty good with managing my finances, but I’ve always tried to push myself to do better. To be more frugal! To save more! Invest more!!! More, more, more!!

But even though my fixed expenses are going to be higher than ever (I’m moving into an expensive 1 bedroom) Yup. I’ve been a bad girl.

Being “spendy” is completely relative.  If you’re a regular coupon clipper and you happen to buy something without some sort of discount, it just feels wrong. But you know what?  Life is short. If silly little things like bookends and soap dispensers make me happy…. then damn it, I’m going to make myself happy and buy it!

Even if it’s full priced and not on sale.  *gasp*

(…as long as I’m spending less than I make.)

– Target Foo dogs bookends $24.99 (I’m thinking my new home office color scheme will be yellow, beige, black and white)
Target Boon drying rack $14.99 (For my delicate tea and glass cups)

Milk glass soap dispenser  $12.99 (I’m using it for dish soap)